Let us help with your Safety Obligations!

Step 1: Select Package Options


Let us help you design and deliver your company's orientation for new hires.

Weekly Site Inspections

Let us help you meet your safety obligations by conducting weekly site inspections and assisting you with a documentation of needed action items

Monthly Site Inspections

Just need a little boost? Let us come in once a month to help you take a closer look at all the smaller things.

Accident Investigation

Emotions run high when something happens. Whether it is a near-hit or an accident, let us be on your speed dial to ensure that things don't get missed, things don't get said that shouldn't, and the right reports get filed.

Pre-bid Safety Assistance

Looking to bid on an amazing job? Not sure what the safety obligations are going to be and don't want to underbid? Let us help you review the scope.


Setting up a new job? Not sure what you need to have on site? Let us help you to make sure you are in compliance.

MOL Assistance

Ministry of Labour pay you a visit? Not sure what to do? Give us a call. We can walk you through your options and get you back up and working fast.

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