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Course Overview

SCBA training course will equip the learner with the skills required to safely inspect, maintain and operate self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). This training will be suitable for both confined space workers, or workers who may be required to use breathing apparatus during fire or in hazardous environments. 

This Course Does NOT Include Fit Testing. You must arrange to have a Quantitative fit testing separately - we do not provide this service. 

This training course will teach trainees:

  • How to determine what hazards may exist within various atmospheres
  • How to risk assess the best work method from the hierarchy of hazard controls
  • How to inspect breathing apparatus
  • How to test breathing apparatus
  • How to use breathing apparatus
  • How to rescue a person from a hazardous atmosphere whilst wearing SCBA.

Max Class Size: 6 People

Participants must be clean shaven

Length: 4 Hours

Regular Cost $150.00 per person

Student Cost $125.00 per person

A student is anyone in (or returning to/starting in the fall) High School, College, University, Private Skills Training School, or who is participating in their apprenticeship for their respective trade.

Please contact us, or have your worker contact us, if you are receiving Employment Insurance or other training assistance to gain employment as you may be eligible for a discount on your course.

Day rates are available for companies booking full classes. Additional fees such as travel costs may be on top of the training fee depending on distance.

Verification may be requested for Student Rates

What people are saying

Honestly thought it would have been boring and disengaging. I was wrong, and the instructor kept us engaged and interested the whole time. Best training experience I've ever had. Thank you!
Brad F.
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SCBA Training

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