Canadian Workplace Standard First Aid, CPR & AED- ONLINE THEORY



We have expaned our courses in order to offer you the option of completing the theory for your First Aid online and then coming in and working with the instructor to complete your skills. There is no additional fee to complete your skills checkout! 

Our online course is just like our in-class version. 

You will learn about:

  • Why we do first aid
  • Action taken at an emergency
  • Assessment - what to look for
  • CPR and Choking - infant, child, and adult now with COVID-19 Specific Protocols
  • AED
  • Bleeding and wound care
  • Chest, Abdominal, & Pelvic Injuries
  • Head & Spinal Injuries
  • Burns
  • Shock
  • Sudden Illness
  • Heat & Cold Injuries and Illnesses
  • Triage - what to do when there are more injured than there are resources (this is done in the practical portion)

There is a lot of material covered, and we suggest you take your time with it and understand it.

This course is best done at a computer or on a tablet. There are videos that you will need to be able to hear. 


This is a BLENDED course.

That means that you will still need to book an appointment to come in and verify your skills with an instructor. We want to make sure that your CPR technique, bandaging, and basic skills are correct and that any questions you didn't ask in the course are answered. This can be done individually or as a small group. You will receive an email reminding you to set up your appointment. There is no additional cost for your practical portion - you just need to bring your completed theory certificate or a screenshot of it. 


The online portion should take you approximately 4 hours to complete. The theory certificate is valid for 3 years.

Once you pass your course you can print your Theory certificate.

Finally - there are very graphic pictures of real injuries used in this course. This course may not be suited for all viewers.

Length: 4 hours

Regular Cost $120.00 per person

Student Cost $100.00 per person

A student is anyone in (or returning to/starting in the fall) High School, College, University, Private Skills Training School, or who is participating in their apprenticeship for their respective trade.

Please contact us, or have your worker contact us, if you are receiving Employment Insurance or other training assistance to gain employment as you may be eligible for a discount on your course.

Day rates are available for companies booking full classes. Additional fees such as travel costs may be on top of the training fee depending on distance.

Verification may be requested for Student Rates

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Everything was great. Made learning about safety enjoyable and educational.
Paul O.
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Cost: $120.00
Cost: $100.00
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Canadian Workplace Standard First Aid, CPR & AED- ONLINE THEORY

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