Basics of Supervision - ONLINE

We have expanded our courses in order to offer you the option of completing your

Basics of Supervisor course online!

Do you feel like you were promoted or thrown into a role that didn't come with a training manual? You're not alone. 

Luckily this course will help give you the tools to be effective in your role!

Just like in our in-class version, in this course, you will learn how to fulfill your role as a supervisor and about your responsibilities under the Ontario law to manage health and safety in the workplace - while still being productive!

Course topics include:

  • powers, responsibilities, and duties as they apply to being a supervisor 
  • how to build your supervisory and leadership skills
  • how to lead a work team
  • communication and how to communicate effectively 
  • different types of harassment and how to address it
  • what your role is in safety as a supervisor
  • how to develop and motivate work teams
  • time management, scheduling, productivity, and client service
  • understanding due diligence
  • how, when, and what to delegate
  • understanding personal limitations
  • looking at self-care and why it's so important

Practical resources are provided for download in the course. 

Come learn to be the supervisor you always wish you had when you were starting out!

This course should take you approximately 4 hours and does not have an expiry date

Once you pass your course you can print your certificate. 

This course is best done at a computer or on a tablet.

Length: 4 hours

Regular Cost $175.00 per person

Student Cost $150.00 per person

A student is anyone in (or returning to/starting in the fall) High School, College, University, Private Skills Training School, or who is participating in their apprenticeship for their respective trade.

Please contact us, or have your worker contact us, if you are receiving Employment Insurance or other training assistance to gain employment as you may be eligible for a discount on your course.

Day rates are available for companies booking full classes. Additional fees such as travel costs may be on top of the training fee depending on distance.

Verification may be requested for Student Rates

What people are saying

Excellent material, practical, well presented. Thank you! I liked the "quizzing" on 3 types :)
Michelle S.
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Cost: $150.00
Cost: $120.00
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Basics of Supervision - ONLINE

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